Window cleaning at home and scope of service

When deciding to hire a company that will clean windows at home, remember that the cost of such a service depends on its nature and volume. Contractors usually differentiate the rate based on the type of window. It’s easy to guess that single-leaf models are cheaper than two- or three-leaf versions. In addition, in the price lists of companies, there is often a division into one-sided or two-sided cleaning. You should also check if the cost of the service covers the cleaning of the door frame, box and window sill. It may happen that such events are not included in the price and you will have to pay extra for them. Many service providers are also introducing a different rate for older types of timber windows that need to be dismantled.

Considering how much it costs to clean windows in a private house, we also need to determine the size of the glass. It is difficult to compare a small single sash window, for example, with balcony doors and windows that are taller and wider, and therefore the contractor has to spend more time, energy and resources cleaning them. In such a situation, the cost of washing increases.